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Cabalistic Oracle 2.1

You can discover a person's character by means of cabalistic calculations
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To discover the character, temperament and disposition of a person, the Cabalistic Oracle application calculates for you the corresponding value of each letter in that person's name, sums them up and then deducts the thousands value to locate the correct description of their personality from the Oracle's 'Table of Answers'. This program presents a small, single-window interface that is easy to navigate. The program prompts you to enter a name and as soon as you begin typing, calculation begins. When you are finished entering a name, the corresponding number is shown and the description of one's personality is displayed in the Cabalistic Oracle window.

The program includes a useful help file that explains exactly how the numerical values are assigned and provides further information regarding the 'Table of Answers'. A 'Clear Data' button is available; and if you want to save a result, use the 'Export' button located at the bottom of the interface allowing you to export your results in an .rtf file. Clicking on the 'Internet' button prompts the program to open a window of links that relate to the Cabalistic Oracle and other Internet Resources.

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  • Numerical system not explained
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